Agboogun Footprint

Close to the pinnacle of Aghagha hill, one of the famous hills surrounding Idanre is a mystery… a human footprint called “Ese Agboogun.” This footprint is believed to belong to the first ruler of Idanreland, King Agboogun. How the footprint was made is one the many ancient mysteries replete in the history of Idanreland.

Ancient Lie Detector

In addition, legend has it that the Agboogun footprint serves as a ‘lie detector’ for people engaged in witchcraft. When a regular person places their foot into the footprint, it would be a close fit, regardless of your standard shoe size. This means for example that if a lady who normally wears size 5 (five) shoes or a man who normally wears size 10 (ten) shoes place their foot in the Agboogun footprint, the footprint would fit snugly round the foot… unless the person was involved with witchcraft, in which case the footprint would not fit.

You can imagine that in ancient times, an invitation to visit the Agboogun footprint was an ‘interesting’ experience.

The footprint is one of the ancient wonders of Idanreland, just like the mysterious writing on the mountain side.