Digital Economy


The availability of the internet provides the opportunity for residents of Idanreland to participate in the global digital economy. With the development of skills required by businesses, organisations or individuals around the world, you are able to provide freelance services to clients across the globe including locations within Nigeria, other African nations, the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and much more.

Some of the services required include Graphic Design, Web Design, Computer Programming, Audio and Video Editing, Data Entry, Product / Market Research etc.  

Below are some of the best freelancing portals where you can explore a diverse range of opportunities. Click on the logo to visit the website of interest to you and find out more about them.


You can also generate a healthy income through Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading.

A note of caution is required here… there are many seemingly good websites that ask you to make payment to learn about Forex trading. Please DO NOT PAY TO LEARN THE BASICS OF FOREX TRADING. There is no need to waste your money to learn the rudiments. There are some excellent websites where you can learn for free (as at December 2019).

Click on the logos of the forex training websites below for further information.

Wishing you every success in your financial endeavours.