Idanre people enjoy a rich variety of entertainment which include their beautiful, graceful, yet energetic dances and unique melodious “traditional” songs. Idanre cultural songs are a rich mix of melody, rhythm and poetry, which explore the tapestry of human experiences such as historical lineage, present achievements, past difficulties, victories in ancient wars and praise for current achievements.

These traditional songs are sometimes delivered as an “Oriki,” a form of heartwarming praise poetry prevalent in Yorubaland.

A visit to Idanre that includes time with the traditional dancers and minstrels of Idanre folklore is a rich cultural experience to be savoured.

More modern music is epitomized by the sounds of Francis Akintade and Adebayo Kuroloja, two of the foremost musicians of Idanre extraction.  


Traditional Wrestling:

Traditional wrestling contests were often used as a means of testing the strength and capabilities of young men in ancient Idanre. Sometimes, it served as part of the process of selecting suitors who were eligible to marry the King’s daughters.

In present day Idanre, wrestling contests are a part of the rich spectacle of entertainment during some festivals and traditional celebrations.

Ayo Opon:

Other games enjoyed in Idanre include Ayo Opon, a popular game of strategy played using a specific type of dried seeds and a wooden board that has several pits.

It is a two-player game in which the key objective is to capture more seeds than the opponent.

It is played in homes, beer parlours, parties and pretty much wherever two people can have a comfortable seat and a bit of space.

Other Entertainment and Nightlife:

Visitors to Idanre can enjoy relaxation and entertainment in a variety of local restaurants, bars, hotels and entertainment centres. The nightlife during the week revolves around parties at a few well known clubs.  

However, during the weekends, there are often lots of parties happening in Idanre either in celebration of weddings, funerals or house warming etc.

By nature, Idanre People are warm and welcoming and many of these parties are open to other visitors, especially if you are accompanied by  another respected guest.