Forests and Timber

Idanre is a vast reservoir of natural resources, including beautiful forests. For many decades, the forests have being a source of high quality timber that is used extensively in construction projects in Ondo state and other parts of Nigeria and also used in a range of other industries. 

The production of timber has been a means of employment for many Idanre residents and a huge contributor to the local economy. In the past, Idanre indigenes had a wise, tree replenishment programme. Large forest holdings (up to 280 square miles) were subdivided into 100 parcels and each year, two parcels were utilized whilst the others replanted and allowed to grow undisturbed.

In more recent times, there has been a spate of uncontrolled logging and rapid deforestation, which has potential consequences for the local ecology and the global climate.

There are many beautiful forest trails that the adventurous can explore and enjoy the lush greenness of an African tropical forest.