Healthcare in Idanre remains one of the areas in need of significant development and investment, both in terms of access and the quality of healthcare delivery.

Below are some of the hospitals and medical establishments in Idanre:

Government Hospitals:

  1. General Hospital, Oke Agunla – Idanre
  2. Alade Maternity Centre, Alade – Idanre

Private Hospitals:

  1. Hope Specialist Hospital, Esegbeke – Idanre
  2. Adedewe Specialist Hospital, Esegbeke – ldanre
  3. Oluwakemi Specialist Hospital, Starlight Junction – Idanre
  4. Saint Margaret’s Specialist Hospital, Ugbekemu – Idanre
  5. Dr. Kolade Hospital and Clinic, Atosin – Idanre
  6. Dr. Ominrin Specialist Hospital, Yaba – Idanre

General Hospital, Idanre

Hope Specialist Hospital, Esegbeke, Idanre