Idanre People (Makanre)

Idanre people (also known as Makanres) are generally warm and friendly to visitors and place a high premium on friendship, community and family.

They are known to be adventurous, quite industrious and exhibit remarkable creativity and adaptability in new environments; They have a strong sense of identity, passion for success and are also entrepreneurial.

Idanre people are part of the ancient tribe of Yoruba’s and trace their journey from ancient Ile-Ife, the cradle of the Yorubaland. According to oral history, the founder of Idanreland, Aremitan (whose nickname was Olofin) was the younger brother of Oduduwa, the original founder of the Yorubas in Nigeria.

The Idanre people believe that Olofin came with Oduduwa from the East, possibly ancient Upper Egypt as part of an early migration between 2000 – 1500 BC.

Following the death of Oduduwa, internecine rivalry erupted between his family members in the quest for succession as the next king of the Yorubas.

Olofin Aremitan departed Ile-Ife with a group of his followers, taking with him some of the most treasured possessions of Oduduwa including the ancient crown of Oduduwa, his Oreghe, Ugwan, and a pair of Irunkere (horsetail whisks). 


Olofin Aremitan eventually settled with his followers at Utaja, Idanre, living in caves for protection.

According to legend, Olofin lived to a ripe old age and later died in a cave at Utaja, Idanre called Uwo-Akota (the cave of wasps).

Uwo Akota is located on the Western side of Utaja at the foot of Aghagha Hill and can be seen on the trail to Oke Idanre.

Many older generation Makanres can be seen with distinguishing tribal marks on their faces, which in times past served as a means of identification of a person’s tribe, family or patrilineal heritage.

Idanre people have excelled in many fields of endeavour around the world including in academia, international diplomacy, business, Christian ministry, government consultancy and politics.

Second and third generation Idanre descendants live in diaspora in many African countries, Europe, United States, Latin America achieving success in a wide variety of careers.