Schools in Idanre

Following the treaty signed between Owa Arubiefin I and the British colonial Governor for the Lagos Colony, Sir Gilbert Thomas Carter, western education was introduced to Idanre. The first school, Igboore primary school, the remains of which can be seen at Idanre Hills was established by the Church Missionary Society in 1896.

The school was eventually relocated to the new settlement at the foot of the hills and renamed St Paul’s Anglican Primary School.

The first secondary school established in Idanre, Olofin Anglican Grammar School, was named after the founder of Idanreland, Olofin Aremitan. It was established in 1957.

Education has been a tremendous benefit to the people of Idanre, with many of the citizenry embracing studies in England and becoming notable professionals who contributed to the growth and success of the newly independent Nigeria from 1960.

Today, education is delivered through a broad mix of public and private sector schools of differing quality.

Below is a list of  Primary and Secondary Schools in Idanre.


1 Diamond Hills Nursery and Primary School, Basic – Idanre
2 Ajidax Nursery and Primary School, Odode – Idanre
3 Saint Andrew’s Anglican Primary School Alade – Idanre
4 Saint Theresa’s Catholic Primary School, Alade – Idanre
5 Methodist Primary School, Onigbon – Idanre
6 Saint Paul’s Primary School, Odode – Idanre
7 Local Authority Primary School, Otapete
8 Saint Judge’s Primary School, Odode – Idanre
9 Christ Anglican Primary School, Odode Idanre
10 Gbemi Akinyugha Group of Schools, Alade – Idanre
11 Goodness of God Nursery and Primary School
12 Success Nursery and Primary School, Alade – Idanre
13 Glory of God Nursery and Primary School Alade – Idanre
14 Ken-Tee Nursery and Primary School, Alade – Idanre
15 Baal Perazim Nursery School
16 Willydorc Nursery and Primary School, Alade Idanre
17 INI Oluwa, Nursery and Primary School
18 Tolulope Children’s School Alade – Idanre
19 CAC Primary School, Alade – Idanre
20 My Peace Nursery and Primary School, Alade Idanre
21 Local Authority Primary School, Atosin – Idanre
22 Brightway Nursery and Primary School, Atosin Idanre
23 Polufem Nursery and Primary School, Odode
24 Funar Nursery and Primary School, Odode


1 Olofin Anglican Grammar School, Ojota – Idanre
2 Ilemobola Girls Grammar School, Basic – Idanre
3 Idanre High School, Alade – Idanre
4 Mandate International College, P. O Box 23, Alade – Idanre
5 Ebun Ogunyimika Comprehensive High School, Atosin – Idanre
6 Saint Joseph’s Catholic Grammar School, Odode – Idanre
7 Methodist High School, Odode – Idanre
8 Ajidax College, Odode – Idanre
9 Pragmatic Model College, Odode And Alade – Idanre
10 Betend College, Odode – Idanre
11 Sunshine Group Of Schools, Alade – Idanre
12 Gbemi Akinyugha Group Of Schools, Odode – Idanre
13 Baptist High School, Odo Owa-Idanre
14 CAC Grammar School, Odode – Idanre
Olofin Anglican Grammar School
Students - Ebun Ogunyinka Comprehensive High School
Ilemobola Girls Grammar School
Methodist High School
Pragmatic College
Saint Joseph's Catholic Grammar School