Idanre is one of the most beautiful, picturesque places in the world. Surrounded by mountain ranges, Idanre indigenes have lived for several centuries, carving out a rich history of endurance, adaptability and delightful culture.

The view from the top of the hills is simply breathtaking and warmly invites the tourist to savour the experience of a lifetime.

You get to enjoy the warm tropical weather, a hike through evergreen forests, be inspired by the stories of the historical sites along the trail and finally the exhilaration of arriving at over 3,000 feet above sea level to gaze at the settlements below, sequestered amongst many smaller hills and see the genius of the creator at work for miles around. 

Idanre is a place of sheer delight!

Places to Visit

The opportunity to experience the beautiful mountain ranges of Idanreland also offers the chance to visit a veritable treasure trove of historical sites that delights tourists from all over the world. 

These sites provide unique insight into the ancient heritage of the people and the more recent British colonial influences on Idanre.


If you desire to experience a rich mix of poetic, rhythmic music, Yoruba culinary delights, vibrant cultural dances and warm hospitality, then Idanre is worth a visit

Visitors especially enjoy their trip when it coincides with one of the various festivals held in the year, which showcase the rich cultural tapestry of Idanreland.


Idanre’s history is replete with mystery and intertwined with the ancient history of Yorubaland. 

Idanre people (also known as Makanres) are believed to have journeyed from Ile-Ife, led by Olofin Aremitan, the younger brother of Oduduwa, the legendary founder of the Yoruba peoples. The Owas (Kings) trace their lineage directly to Oduduwa.