Local Fashion

Traditional wear used by the indigenous peoples of Idanre is similar to those worn in other parts of Yorubaland. The outfits tend to be very elegant, with vibrant colours and ornate designs.

Women generally wear “Buba” (type of blouse) and “Iro” (a wrapper around the waist and legs). For festive occasions, the attire includes a “Gele”, an often flamboyant wrap tied artistically around the head and “Ipele” thrown over the shoulders.

Men also wear a type of “Buba” and “Sokoto” (trouser). For festive occasions, they may include an “Agbada” (long flowing gown) worn over the Buba and a “Fila” (cap).

For major life events such as milestone birthdays, weddings or even funeral celebrations, groups of people wear outfits of matching colours to symbolize solidarity with the main celebrant(s).

This chosen “uniform” is called “Aso Ebi” (loosely translated as family uniform). The outfits are made from a variety of fabric material such as Lace, “Ankara”, Guinea Brocade and “Aso Oke” amongst others.

Hence celebrations in Idanreland tend to be very colourful affairs.