Omi Apaara (Thunder River)

Omi Apaara, loosely translates in the English language into “Thunder River.” It is a freshwater stream along one of the main tourist routes to the top of Idanre Hills.  Omi Apaara is located close to the Igboore Elementary primary school, the first citadel of western education in Idanreland.

In ancient times, Omi Apaara served as a refreshing point for the warriors who were on their way to war. Every warrior who professed a positive satisfaction with their time at the stream, would emerge victorious in battle and return home safely, whilst any warrior who professed dissatisfaction ended up as a casualty of war.

The calm, fresh waters of Omi Apaara have cooled the brows of thousands of Idanre Hills tourists from the effects of the hot sun as you enjoy the wonders of the beautiful scenery and rocky landscape of Idanre.